Weird Stolen Fish: Rare Louvar Fish Found in Cabo San Lucas Stolen (Photos, Video)

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A weird fish caught by a group of fishermen in Cabo San Lucas was reportedly stolen, according to a report by Pisces Fleet Sportfishing blog on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. The stolen weird fish can be mistaken for a red snapper or tuna.

Weird Stolen Fish: Louvar with Angler
Louvar on angler
Image Credit: Pisces Fleet Sportfishing

Pisces identified the weird stolen fish as a louvar with scientific name, Luvaras Imperialis.

The weird stolen fish was reportedly last seen in the area about 22-years ago.

Weird Stolen Fish: Louvar on dock
Louvar on dock
Image Credit: Pisces Fleet Sportfishing

Captain Josue Moreno, captain of the 28 ft cruiser Marina, and his crew was out for a half day of fishing with several tourists last November 1, when they discovered the louvar fish.

Weird stolen fish: Louvar back of  boat

Image Credit: Pisces Fleet Sportfishing

According to Pisces, the stolen louvar has a dorado-shaped head, wahoo tail, a body similar to a tuna with a snapper color.

Below is a video of a live Louvar fish.

Weird Stolen Louvar Fish
Video Credit: Pisces Fleet Sportfishing Blog / Youtube

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