Water cannon to be used at Fukushima nuclear plant No. 1, Americans within 80-kilometer radius recommended evacuating

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Tokyo, Japan – With the current nuclear crisis in the country, a water cannon truck is being planned to be used in the attempt to cool the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant to prevent a radiation meltdown on Thursday, March 17, 2011.

Fukushima nuclear plant No. 1
Image Credit: NHK TV

According to Kyodo News on Thursday morning, Tokyo police plans to use a water cannon truck to the spent fuel rods at the reactors No. 3 and No. 4 which has now higher risk to overheat.

Earlier, a ground Defense force choppers are being suggested to supply water to the nuclear plant but it was later changed due to the high radiation level.

On Wednesday, reports revealed that have been damaged, in which reactors No. 1 ~ 3 of Fukushima nuclear plant No. 1 are being believed to have experienced melted due to insufficient cooling system, as well as reactor No. 5.

Meanwhile, the US Embassy recommended on Thursday (Tokyo time) to Americans living within the 80-kilometer (50 miles) radius from the Fukushima nuclear plant to evacuate as a precautionary measure, or stay indoors if they cannot leave.

The recommendation was said to have been established as cool weather condition and wind direction are being believed to be risk factors for the contamination of radiation, which US experts say it is now “extremely high”.

As of this writing, the Japanese government announced that there should be no one staying within the 20-kilometer radius, and those residing within the 30-kilometer radius should stay indoors.

Apparently, a lot of foreigners are now leaving Japan as thousands of people keep rushing to Narita International Airport trying to flee the country.

On the other hand, earthquake-tsunami death toll increases to 4,314 as of Wednesday midnight (Tokyo time) and thousands more are being unaccounted for.

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