WASP-33b makes new record as the hottest planet at 3200°C

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WASP-33b, a gas giant planet like Jupiter which was said to be included as among the nine planets discovered on April 13, 2010 by Super WASP now makes a new record as the hottest planet, with a whooping temperature of 3200°C.

Graphical presentation of planet WASP-33b
Photo credit: ScienceMag.org

According to report at ScienceMag.org on Friday, planet WASP-33b is about 380 light years from planet Earth and was said to have a temperature of 3200°C, and whips around its star every 29.28 hours.

Apparently, a group of astronomers submitted a monthly report early this week to the the Royal Astronomical Society stating a new record breaker for the hottest planet, which was said to be hundreds of degrees hotter than the previous discoveries.

On October of last year, astronomers used the William Herschel Telescope in the Canary Islands and were able to detect the near-infrared glow of planet WASP-33b.

About two decades ago, Venus was known to be the hottest planet with a temperature of 460°C, until planet hunters found the so-called ‘hot Jupiters’ planets that were more than 1000°C.

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