Warren Buffett Lunch In Smith And Wollensky For GLIDE Foundation Is Worth $2.63 million

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Warren Buffett
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A Warren Buffett steak lunch at Smith and Wollensky in Manhattan, New York was auctioned off for $2.63 million, according to reports by several international news sites on Friday night, June 10, 2011.

The final amount was the result of the annual online charity auction for a private lunch with Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, which started last Sunday, June 5, 2011.

There were only two bidders who entered eight bids in the eBay auction. Last year, there were nine luncheon bidders who pitched in 77 bids. The lunch auction has been running for 12 years now and has already generated $9 million for charity.

San Francisco‘s charity GLIDE Foundation will be the beneficiary of the auction. Susan, Buffett‘s late first wife, is the one who introduced him to Rev. Cecil Williams, Glide‘s founder.

Buffett, 80, is reportedly called “Oracle of Omaha” or “Sage of Omaha.” He is considered to be a frugal man despite being one of the world’s richest men. The Berkshire CEO is well known to be a red meat lover. His other businesses includes an estimated 80 subsidiaries on insurance, furniture, clothing, jewelry and candy companies, restaurants, natural gas and corporate jet companies. Reports added that Buffett has major investments in multi-national companies that include Coca-Cola Co. and Wells Fargo & Co.

Reports say that the usual steak lunch at Smith and Wollensky costs around $36.50.

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