Warning: 2 New Twitter worm spreading using Google URL Shortener may end to virus attack

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Apparently, there are currently two new Twitter worms spreading that are using Google URL shortener, according to international tech news sites that have been announcing a warning to the public.

As believed to have been first published at The Next Web on Tuesday, Twitter is encountering another virus attack where and the suspicious tweet uses the Google URL shortener, Goo.gl.

As posted on the said website, a Twitter message containing the URL http://goo.gl/R7f68 with no text included seem to be replicating itself by suspected newly created spam Twitter accounts. TechCrunch posted that the URL http://goo.gl/od0az may also be the same.

Through the use of Sucuri.net that checks the original URL of a shortened URL, http://goo.gl/R7f68 was apparently redirected to http://artcan-developpmement.fr/tw.html in which the post claims to be odd.

Then, a guy named Nils Geylen was said to have left a comment on that post stating that it is a legitimate French furniture website that is being compromised by virus attackers to direct users to various malicious domains.

http://artcan-developpement.fr (without the extra m: oppement instead of oppmement) is a regular French site selling design furniture of some sort. The bit after the slash of course redirects to various exe or php files on several other domains (e.g. detecproforyou.us/twit.php or robsearch.info/tre/sena.exe) then results in a 404 for that file. But at the source for that page and it’s empty. Tried this on a secondary Linux machine. Not sure what was supposed to happen.

Meanwhile, another Twitter message with http://goo.gl/kLE5M is also being suspected as worm and may harm users.

Just found the easiest way to track who follows and unfollows you – http://goo.gl/kLE5M

Apparently, The Next Web is also warning Twitter users not to entertain a message that advertises a service called Fllwrs, and even recommends revoking access to their Twitter site.

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