Walmart Layaway 2011: Walmart Christmas Layaway on Toys and Electronics until Dec 16

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Walmart Christmas Layaway 2011 Ads

Walmart Christmas Layaway 2011 Ads
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Walmart Christmas Layaway 2011 online started last October 17, 2011 and final payment and pickup must be made on or before December 16, 2011, according to the layaway ads published at

Items that are eligible for Walmart‘s Christmas Layaway are toys and electronics at any local Walmart stores. Shoppers are required to provide a down payment that is equivalent to 10 percent of the total purchases price and a service charge of $5.

Layaway is applicable only for items that were purchased in stores and excludes online purchases. Total purchases for layaway items mus be over $50 and each item must be over $15.

Walmart layaways are reportedly placed and picked up at local store. To provide convenience, shoppers are allowed to pay at any Walmart store.

Layaway orders not paid or picked up by December 16 will be canceled, according to the Walmart Layaway 2011 ads.

For more information about Walmart‘s Christmas Layaway 2011 guidelines, check out its official website at

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