Waffle House Index: A Good Way to Measure Damage after a Hurricane or Storm

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Waffle House
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The Waffle House Index is a good way to measure the extent of damage caused by a hurricane or a tropical storm, as reported by US local sites, September 2.

Waffle House restaurants are venues, which serve as markers during inclement weather, because of their tenacity and endurance to serve people even right after bad weather, just like what happened with Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Katia, to name a few events.

The extent of the damage is also observed through the status of the Waffle Houses’ service to customers. If the restaurant is closed, this indicates a “red light” and that the damage is bad. Most often, there is power outage, and there may be instances of serious flooding, because people cannot commute to work. It could also indicate lack of food supply.

If the Waffle House serves limited menu, it indicates a yellow light, which means that they may be running on generators and that there is no power from outside sources.

A Waffle House Index of green, on the other hand, is indicated by a full menu, meaning that everything is back to normal and that the extent of damage is minimal

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