VW Super Bowl ad racist or funny? Volkswagen commercial features white man with Jamaican accent (Video)

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Read Controversial VW ad at Super Bowl featuring white man with Jamaican accent earns mixed reactions

The VW 2013 Super Bowl ad was released this Monday, January 28, 2013, as shown in the video below. The Volkswagen Game Day commercial, which has a tagline “Get In. Get Happy,” features a white man with a Jamaican accent. But is it really funny or simply being racist?

VW 2013 Super Bowl ad

A scene at the VW 2013 Super Bowl ad
Credit: Volkswagen video

Volkswagen of America, Inc., which is now on its fourth year in releasing Super Bowl ads, used a white man speaking in a Jamaican accent on its latest Super Bowl commercial. Dave, who was from Minnesota, can be heard talking to his office mates, as he expresses his excitement on his bright red new 2013 Volkswagen Beetle.

Legendary Jamaican musician Jimmy Cliff‘s version of “C’mon, Get Happy” can be heard as background music. The song was also used as a theme song in The Partridge Family, a famous American television sitcom series which was aired at ABC from 1970 to 1974.

“The Big Game presents an unparalleled creative opportunity to represent the Volkswagen brand.” Tim Mahoney, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Volkswagen of America, Inc., was quoted at VW.com, adding that the new Super Bowl ad is designed to bring a “jolt of happiness to viewers’ daily lives.”

“With ‘Get Happy,’ we set out to create a lighthearted and energetic ad to represent the positive energy and sunny disposition that only the Beetle and Volkswagen can deliver,” Mike Sheldon, CEO, Deutsch LA, Volkswagen of America‘s creative Agency of Record, said. The said VW Super Bowl ad was directed by Tom Kuntz.

However, not everyone seemed to be impressed with it, and Charles Blow of the New York Times and Christopher John Farley of the Wall Street Journal were among them. During a recent interview by CNN‘s Soledad O’brien, Blow called it as “like blackface with voices,” and Farley even referred to it as the “Jar Jar Binks of 2013.”

Was Volkswagen racist on their latest Super Bowl ad? Or is it funny and others are only being oversensitive? What do you think?

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Volkswagen Super Bowl 2013 Game Day Commercial
Video Credit: Volkswagen/YouTube

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