Voyager 1 Ready to Enter the Heliopause

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Voyager 1 is ready to enter the heliopause.  It was launched successfully on September 5, 1977 and since then it had successfully fulfilled its mission of sending back to earth essential data about the interplanetary system.  It sent back incredible images and significant information about Jupiter, Venus, Earth, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the sun and had performed better than its twin, Voyager 2.

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According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA, Voyager 1 has become “the most distant man-made object from the sun.”  In its objective to discover the heliopause or the distance to the interstellar space, it journeyed for 43 years in outer space and has finally reached the edges.

On December 13, 2010, NASA said that Voyager 1 has again reached another milestone as it approaches the boundary of the solar system.  There were changes in the speed of the solar wind which is an indication of the slowly changing space.  But it will take another 4 years scientists said, before it could leave completely the solar system and enter the interstellar space.

Voyager 1 continues with its journey, armed with a disk that contains valuable information about Earth, which hopefully another life form in another galaxy could easily decode.

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