Vladimir Putin to Run as Russian President in 2012, Medvedev Supports Candidacy (Video)

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Vladimir Putin will run as Russian President in 2012, and current President Dmitry Medvedev supports his candidacy. This was revealed by international news sites, September 24, 2011.

Further reports disclosed that Medvedev stated his optimism about Putin’s candidacy, saying:

“What we are recommending to the convention, it is a deeply thought-out decision…Moreover, we really discussed this possible turn of events at the time when we formed our comradely union.”

Russian’s party members gave a standing ovation when Medvedev made the proposal. Allegedly, Putin had been running the Russian government and Medvedev acted only as the caretaker.

Putin had been president in 2008 but has to step down after 2 terms because of constitutional rules. Currently, the Russian’s party clamor for Vladimir Putin’s return as president has finally been acted on, by no less than Dmitry Medvedev, himself, through his vocal support of Putin’s candidacy for presidency in 2012.

Dmitry Medvedev supports Vladimir Putin
Video credit: RussiaToday /YouTube

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