Virgin Mary statue unearthed from construction site in Massachusetts (Photo)

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A Virgin Mary statue was unearthed last week at the construction site of the Golden Pond Assisted Living Facility, in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, as shown in the photo below. It was believed to have been buried there for 20 years, but was found still intact and in good condition.

Virgin Mary statue unearthed from construction site

Virgin Mary statue, which was found buried
at construction site at Golden Pond Hopkinton

Image Credit: WBZ-TV

According to WBZ-TV, a CBS affiliate TV station in Boston, Golden Pond director William Marr said the Virgin Mary statue stands around 4 feet tall and is now in the lobby of his office for safekeeping, which may be placed at the chapel of the elderly assisted living facility next year.

“It’s even beyond incredible that it was found 20 days before Christmas. The timing of the year couldn’t be more symbolic.” Marr told the report, showing the Virgin Mary statue, noting that no one knows who buried it and why, and that he plans to talk to some historians hoping to solve its mystery.

“It was while we were trying to get tree roots pulled out that the excavator shovel pulled the statue out of the ground. A resident was walking along the sidewalk in the back of the building and saw the statue sitting in the pile of dirt.” Marr added, with some residents saying that the discovery could be sending a message to believers.

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