Virgin Mary apparition in Malaysia hospital window pane spotted, many Catholics claim (Photo)

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A so-called Virgin Mary apparition was believed to have appeared in a window pane in a hospital in Malaysia, as shown in the photo below. Hundreds of devoted Malaysian Catholics are now praying and singing religious hymns in the area where the mysterious image was spotted several days ago.

Virgin Mary sighting Malaysia

‘Virgin Mary apparition’ in Malaysia
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According to on Sunday, November 11, 2012, the supposed Virgin Mary sighting happened at Sime Darby Medical Center (SDMC) in Subang Jaya, Selangor, outside Kuala Lumpur. The image has drawn crowd since Friday, after the photo started to go viral at Facebook and Twitter.

As noted in the report, a lot of witnesses who were in the area since Saturday claimed that the alleged Virgin Mary image is getting clearer as days went by. The event is already causing traffic in the area as some cars also park and drivers try to look at the image, which was first noticed by a hospital cleaner.

Meanwhile, the news have already reached the knowledge of Bishop Emeritus Anthony Selvanayagam, who told the Catholics not to immediately judge on what they saw and wait for the official statement of the Catholic Church, with Virgin Mary being the Mother of Jesus Christ and very important for most Catholics.

“Let us be peaceful and not get carried away by such incidents. The church does not blindly accept such claims without first conducting an investigation on what was sighted.” The bishop was quoted in the report, adding that there were a lot of so-called apparitions earlier but none of them were proven real.

“The church will not jump onto the bandwagon and endorse such cases without first verifying its authenticity. The Catholic Church is not so naive to just follow what is claimed,” he added, as some believers said that Mother Mary could be sending a message to them, reminding them to repent for their sins.

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