Virgin Blue Airlines launches new uniforms for Flight Attendants (Photos)

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Virgin Blue Airlines launched its new set of uniforms for their flight attendants on Wednesday, February 23, 2011, via a glamorous fashion show, as shown in the photo below and in the succeeding pages.

Virgin Blue old and new uniform
Photo credit: Bob Barker/Charles Brewer/

According to of Australia, Virgin Blue unveiled its new uniforms on Pitt Street Mall in Sydney, along with Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson.

Incidentally, Virgin Blue is the sister company of Virgin Atlantic Airlines which has most attractive flight stewardesses, according to recent survey.

Apparently, Virgin Blue’s new uniform was designed by Juli Grbac, an Australian fashion designer who won the first Project Runway Australia.

The clothes were presented by about 60 flight attendants, pilots, crew and Elle Macpherson during the fashion show.

As told Grbac to the report, the flight attendants were asked of what they like and don’t like about their uniforms which gave her idea on what to design for them.

“They just really wanted to look good for work.” Grbac was quoted as saying.

“I took inspiration from the glamor of flying in the 1960s, and gave it a contemporary edge” she added.

Comparing to the old Khaki uniform of Virgin Blue’s flight stewardess with long sleeves, their new uniform now comes in a striking red with royal purple and has shorter sleeves.

To see other photos of the new uniforms of Virgin Blue Airlines‘s flight attendants, click on the page numbers below.

Virgin Blue flight stewardess new uniforms
Photo credit: Charles Brewer/

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