Virgin Blue Airlines flight attendants complain about their new uniforms (Photos)

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Virgin Blue Airlines flight attendants are now complaining on their new uniforms, apparently saying that they are having discomfort and feeling unsafe.

Virgin Blue Airlines
flight stewardess new uniforms

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Last February 23, 2011, Virgin Blue Airlines launched its new set of uniforms for their flight attendants via a glamorous fashion show, in Sydney, along with Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson, which was designed by Juli Grbac, an Australian fashion designer who won the first Project Runway Australia.

But according to The Sunday Telegraph on March 13, 2011, they obtained an email from some of the Virgin Blue Airlines flight attendants, who are expressing their discontentment about their new uniforms.

Allegedly, besides that their new uniforms are not comfortable due to its ill-fitting designs, the 100% polyester clothes causes skin rashes and can even lead to danger.

Virgin Blue Airlines flight
attendants men’s new uniforms

Photo credit: Charles Brewer/

Apparently, at least four complaints from the Virgin Blue Airlines flight attendants were received by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), nearly three weeks since the new uniform was implemented.

“The Virgin group is all about the look and they do not have the health and safety of the crew as a priority,” the flight attendant was quoted as saying.

“In an emergency these garments will be a hindrance, as the arms cannot be lifted above shoulder height due to the ill-fitting design.” the flight attendant added, whose identity did not wish to be revealed, according to the report.

“And in the event of a fire, being 100 per cent polyester it would be like having plastic melted on to the skin.” As revealed by another flight attendant.

“With the men’s shirts I keep getting rashes on my neck constantly. It is from the fabric – it is a polyester blend,” a male flight attendant told the report.

“This company is all about the look. They say safety first and there is nothing safe or healthy about these uniforms. The uniforms suffocate you.” He added.

Meanwhile, Emma Copeman of Virgin Blue Corporate Communications Team sent an email to The Daily Telegraph, acknowledging the concerns.

“We were notified yesterday by the CASA that it has received correspondence in regards to the new uniform and we are currently reviewing that correspondence and responding to it,” Ms. Copeman said.

“It’s always been the case, no matter how much research and consultation you do, you are never going to get it 100 per cent right first time.” she added.

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