Vincent Giordano “Hire Me” sign strategy in New York City to get a job goes viral (Photo)

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Vincent Giordano is a jobless man who lives in Brooklyn and is now getting a lot of attention, after he was seen in the streets of New York City almost everyday for the last month, with a “Hire Me” sign, as shown in the photo below, hoping to get a job. He has been featured in some of the major US news sites.

Vincent Giordano hire me

Vincent Giordano, with his “Hire Me” sign
Image Credit: Francesca Donner/Wall Street Journal

According to ABC News on Tuesday, August 28, 2012, Vincent Giordano, 52, who has been unemployed for two years, wears a suit and tie while stranding in New York City streets from Monday to Friday, during regular business hours. He holds a “Hire Me” sign, where his skills and contact information are printed.

As noted in his sign, he can work as legal assistant, a copy operator, and other office services; and that he can be reached through his email address at [email protected], or via his phone, (917) 478-7435. He said he sometimes give away copies of his resume to some passers-by.

“I’m determined not to end up in a homeless shelter. Where I’m standing on the street right now, I’m right around the corner from one of those agencies. They have a job that fits my skill set.” Giordano told ABC News, adding that he thinks his age may be one of the factors why he finds it hard to get a job.

“I’ve called them on numerous occasions, and they always say the person who handles that is on vacation.” Giordano added, who has been laid off from his last job two years ago, noting that he got the idea to do his “Hire Me” strategy after learning a story from ABC News about a man who did the same and found a job.

ABC News noted that the rate of unemployment for workers 55 and up is 6.5 percent, and it takes much longer for unemployed older man like Giordano to find a new one; and that more than half of all unemployed older workers in 2012 spent at least 27 weeks looking for a new job.

Giordano was earlier featured at Wall Street Journal, where he was then spotted on the corner of 48th and Sixth Ave., with his “Hire Me” sign. He told paper editor Francesca Donner that he handed out 50 resumes in one day when he stood at 42nd Street and Lex Avenue, which resulted to five interviews but was not still able to land on a job.

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