Viking Burial Site: Viking Boat Unearthed In Scotland

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Viking Boat Burial Site
Drawing Of Viking Burial Site
Image Credit: AFP PHOTO/AOC/Dan Addisson

A Viking burial site has been discovered by a team of archaeologist in a remote area of Ardnamurchan Peninsula in Scotand. The information was released on October 19, 2011 by AOC Archaeology showing some photos taken during the excavation.

According to several news reports, it is the first fully intact Viking boat burial site to be found on mainland Britain thought to contain the remains of a high-status Viking. Archaeologist found an axe, a spear in a ship held together with 200 metal rivets and a sword.

The excavation project’s co-director, Dr. Hannah Cobb, described the discovery “an exciting find and one of the most important Norse graves ever excavated in Britain.”

The 1.8-meter long grave is believed to be more than 1000 years old.

Archaeologists working on the Viking Burial Site
Archaeologists working on the Viking burial site
Image Credit: AFP PHOTO/AOC/Dan Addisson

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