Verlander golf shot: Tweets Pic Before Making Shot (Photo)

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Justin Verlander played golf and had a wayward shot at the Kinloch Golf Club in Virginia on Sunday, November 25, 2012, eve of Cyber Monday. Verlander‘s golf shot reportedly landed on top of a tree stump.

Verlander golf shot
Verlander golf shot
Image Credit: @JustinVerlander/Twitter

Reports say that instead of getting a hand wedge, the Detroit Tigers ace, took a picture of the ball using his smartphone and posted it on Twitter.

The golf shot photo instantly went viral over the internet with about 300,000 followers of Verlander reacting on his predicament.

Historical events were immediately related to Verlander‘s golf shot. Shooter McGavin reminded Verlander that his golf shot 16 years ago hit the monster foot of Mr. Larson, played by actor Richard Kie, in Adam Sandler‘s 1996 golf film classic “Happy Gilmore.”

There were no reports on what happened to the Verlander golf shot because the baseball player did not make any follow up tweet.

Below is Verlander‘s tweeted photo of his golf shot.

Verlander golf shot tweet
Verlander’s tweet of his golf shot
Image Credit: @JustinVerlander/Twitter

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