Vera Oliphant: Teen steps into snake’s nest in Jamul, San Diego (Video)

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Vera Oliphant, a teen from San Diego, reportedly steps into a snake’s nest near her uncle’s house in Jamul. The junior student of Chaparral High School in El Cajon is reportedly visiting her uncle when she steps into the snake.

Vera Oliphant: Teen steps into snake’s nest
Video Credit: ABC News

The 16-year-old Oliphant was reportedly walking up a hill trying to get a mobile signal in the area so that she can call her mother.

While walking, Oliphant ended up stepping on a group of rattlesnakes and immediately call for help.

Based on Oliphant‘s account of the rattlesnake encounter, after hearing the snakes she “ran backward and stepped into a pit of snakes. The teen added that she felt her “body instantly started going numb” after she was bitten on her right foot.

Reports say that Oliphant was bitten by the mother snake and her five babies at least six times.

About 24 vials of anti-venom were reportedly applied to the teen. She stayed in intensive care unit of the hospital for about four days.

She was on crutches at home for two weeks due to her swollen foot.

Oliphant revealed that her doctor said that she will “need two to three months to completely recover from the bites. But I will feel a weird sensation when stepping on my right leg for years.”

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