Venus Visible during Daytime on March 26, 2012

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Venus’ location in the Sky
Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Jane Jones

Venus is visible during daytime on March 26, 2012, ET. This was reported by, March 26, 2012. According to NASA, the planet Venus has been “dancing” with Jupiter since the early part of March.

The report said that Venus will appear at 4 p.m. ET and is visible to people who know where to look. To identify Venus’ location, sky watchers can locate the crescent moon first and search for the bright “pinpoint of light” right above it.

A warning is issued also by to people who would like to watch Venus during the day. They are advised not to look at the sun directly with their bare eyes or through a telescope because this could cause “severe eye damage.” A special solar filter should be used before attempting to view Venus during the day.

During the night, the planet Venus, Jupiter and Mars can be observed by sky watchers. Venus is located at the right of the moon, Jupiter below the moon and Mars could also be seen because of its characteristic reddish color.

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