Venezuela politicians fight at Parliament National Assembly, caught live on TV (Video)

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Politicians in Venezuela fought and exchanged blows during the Parliament National Assembly on Thursday, as pro and anti-President Hugo Chavez congressmen lost their patience which was caught live on local TV, as shown in the video below.

Venezuela politicians fight
Photo credit: LaverdadWeb/YouTube

According to various Venezuelan news site, the fight was between a Socialist Party politician and and opposition member during on the second day of the parliament debate in the National Assembly.

As explained by a post at, Venezuelan opposition deputy leader Alfonso Marquina threw a punch to ruling party deputy leader Henry Ventura, after the two went into exchange of unfriendly words.

Earlier, Alfonso Marquina stood up from his seat and approached the Executive and Policy AN committee along with two other opposition politicians, and apparently protesting the presence of noisy pro-administration supports in the audience.

Out of the blue, Henry Ventura came in and tried to remove Marquina and his companions from in front of the podium, but the two eventually had a heated argument, until Marquina gave in the first blow and Ventura pushed him down the stairs. The crowd screamed louder.

Fellow politicians rushed in and some of them joined the pushing; while security officials tried to separate them but were not able to stop the collision at once.

Moments later, the Venezuelan TV cut the live coverage and returned only after the order was restored.

Venezuela politicians fight
Video credit: LaverdadWeb/YouTube

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