Venezuela elections: Opposition hopes to win National Assembly majority

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The Opposition against President Hugo Chavez hopes to win the majority for the National Assembly in Venezuela elections, as Venezuelan voters participated on Sunday.

According to the latest update from International news, opposition candidates hope to win this time the majority against the Socialist Party, a party favoring President Chavez.

On the other hand, President Chavez heavily campaigned around the country, to make sure his party remains at least two-thirds of the parliament.

Back in 2005, the Opposition boycotts the result of the election wherein pro-Chavez won the majority of the 165 seats.

In the 11 years of Mr Chavez as Venezuelan president, opposition groups allegedly characterized his government as fractured and disjointed, and that the last election’s result was unfair.

But this time, most of the main opposition parties have come together under a single umbrella called the Democratic Unity Table (MUD), hoping to win against the ruling Socialist Party.

Meanwhile, Mr Chavez, as he see a vote turnout to be as high as 70%, said that the election is a proof that Venezuela still has a healthy democracy.

Earlier last week, President Chavez appeared on local TV news and vowed that there will be no fraud in the upcoming election.

Venezuela has an automated election system, which means first results were expected to be revealed few hours after the poll.

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