Vanilla Ice on Justin Bieber career issue: “I never said he will be forgotten”

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Vanilla Ice used Twitter to clarify his initial comments on Justin Bieber’s career, denying that he is badmouthing about the 17-year old pop superstar.

Vanilla Ice and Justin Bieber
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“I never said Justin Bieber will be forgotten !!! That is a flat out lie. I am friends with JB and his family.” Vanilla Ice posted on Twitter on Saturday, July 23, 2011.

“It’s amazing that the press will lie to create controversy! I think @justinbieber has made an impact that will never be forgotten.” Vanilla Ice tweeted later, who also posted a photo of Bieber wearing an Ice Ice Baby shirt.

On Thursday, July 21, Huffington Post published a post titled “Vanilla Ice: Justin Bieber’s Fame Won’t Last” with an audio included, the “Ice Ice Baby” singer mentioned his thoughts about the “Baby” singer.

“So my prediction about Bieber is that he’s going to go through one of those weekends that lasts a few years because he’s had such success as a child act… You know, then something else new will come along and he’ll be forgotten and he can try to put all the pieces back together, so it’s going to be entertaining to watch.”

However, Huffington Post updated the post the next day to included Vanilla Ice’ clarification, who is not denying his remarks but wants to put them in context.

“I think the whole story is that Vanilla Ice is badmouthing Justin Bieber. That’s just not true. I’m friends with him and I’ve hung out with him. I know his parents, they’re very nice. I don’t think he’s going to be forgotten. I don’t think he’s going to be forgotten at all. In fact, I think he’ll be remembered forever. I wish him all the best. I don’t know how it all got so twisted around.”

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