Vanessa Hudgens Updates: Gets Tattooed with Ashley Tisdale, to Star with Nicolas Cage, John Cusack in ‘’Frozen Ground’

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Vanessa Hudgens, 22, who previously starred as Gabriela Montez in the popular ‘High School MusicalTV series, has reportedly gotten another tattoo with Ashley Tisdale by tattoo artist Bang Bang. This was reported by Entertainment news, September 12, 2011.

Further reports revealed that Hudgens had the ‘Om” symbol tattooed in both hands, with each hand getting a half of the symbol. Tisdale on the other hand, had the word “Jamais seule,” (never alone) on her feet. Tisdale also had one each in her wrist and back, while Hudgens had an earlier butterfly tattoo on her neck.

Meanwhile, other news report say that Hudgens is getting away from her sweet role as Gabriela in her new roles in movies like ‘Sucker Punch’, where she plays ‘Blondie” and ‘Gimme Shelter’ where she plays ‘Apple”.

Another upcoming movie of Hudgens is with Nicolas Cage and John Cusack entitled ‘’Frozen Ground’, which is scheduled to start filming in October.

Entertainment sites say that ‘Frozen Ground’ is a suspense thriller about Canadian Robert Hansen, and will be filmed in Alaska’s wilderness. Vanessa Hudgens will play the role as the only woman who was able to escape the dangerous hands of Robert Hansen.

Nicolas Cage plays the Alaskan State Trooper who helped Hudgens to bring Hansen to justice.

Apparently Vanessa Hudgens’ role in ‘Frozen Ground” would finally shed her mark as Maria Montez in ‘High School Musical.’

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