USS Carl Vinson, The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier that buried Osama Bin Laden at sea, to dock at Manila Bay, Philippines

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USS Carl Vinson
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As recently reported by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, May 14, 2011, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson is on a four- day scheduled visit to Manila.

According to reports, the USS Carl Vinson, the same warship that buried Osama Bin Laden at the North Arabian Sea following his death in Abbottabad at the hands of the US SEAL Team Six, is expected to dock at Manila Bay Sunday morning.

It was noted that three other US vessels accompanied the said ship. Accordingly through various news sources that the fleet will dock in Manila Bay from May 15-18 “for a routine replenishment, maintenance of shipboard systems and crew liberty,” as told by an official of the Presidential Commission on the Visiting Forces agreement (PCVFA).

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