US unemployment drops in 27 states last May, California worst job loss

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Twenty-seven US states have reported to have lost jobs last May, and California had the worst job loss followed by New York and Pennsylvania.

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As noted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics on its official website on Friday, June 17, 2011, 27 US states had the worst number of lost jobs in May.

According to the report, California had the worst job loss with 29,200 jobs lost which was followed by New York with 24,700 jobs lost and Pennsylvania had an unemployed drop of 14,200 jobs.

To complete the top five US states with worst job loss last May, Michigan had 13,400 while 13,300 in Maryland.

On the other hand, Florida had the highest increase of jobs, 28,000 jobs while Ohio hired 12,000 more employees.

Meanwhile, only 22 states reported a net gain in employment, which is worst than April where 42 states gained jobs.

Apparently, unemployment rates in May dropped in 24 states while 13 others and the District of Columbia had an increase, which is worst than last April where unemployment rates fell in 39 states.

New Mexico had the highest drop of unemployment rate from 7.6% last April to 6.9% last May, but Nevada still has the highest unemployment rate, with 12.1% last month, slightly lower than the 12.5% last April.

Nevertheless, the US Labor Department said that the unemployment rate in the country almost remained unchanged at 9.1 percent, although it was lower by 0.5 percentage point than last year.

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