US TV Networks joined forces against Google TV

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US television networks, such as Fox, CBC, ABC and NBC joined hands in trying to stop Google from broadcasting its programs to internet users, according to international news today, November 11, 2010. The TV networks were said to be afraid that their business will suffer with the introduction of Google TV.

The internet search engine giant launched Google TV‘s partnership with HBO GO and CNBC last October. Google TV is a new platform where users can browse the web and watch video on home tv. Rishi ChandraGoogle TV product manager, assured that Google’s new platform was not launched to “replace” cable tv in the US.

Here is part of the statement made by Rishi Chandra, in NewTeeVee Live Conference:

There are many content owners who are not blocking Google TV. The web is a new technology and it’s not unheard of whenever there is a new technology that a lot of the incumbents in the space are trying to understand what that technology is going to mean for them. We have seen it before whether it’s VHS, DVD or DVR. We would like to make sure all that content on the web today is accessible through the Chrome browser which is effectively Google TV. It’s up to the content owners to decide how they want to distribute their content to their users.

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