US Open 2010: Victoria Azarenka released from hospital after collapse (with Full Video)

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Victoria Azarenka, the No. 10 seed who collapsed at the US Open tournament, was reportedly released from hospitaland was brought back to her hotel.

Azarenka, from Belarus, trailed 5-1 against Dulko of Argentina when she fell in the ground of at the National Tennis Center in New York this Wednesday.

Doctors immediately attended to Azarenka, placed towels on her legs, gave her water and applied ice packs to her body.

Dulko ran over to Azarenka‘s aid and appeared nervous upon seeing her opponent fell on the ground.

The 21-year old tennis player was carried off the tennis court in a wheelchair and brought to a hospital, after giving first aid.

Here is the full video of Victoria Azarenka when she collapsed on the US Open tournament.

Below is the statement of Victoria Azarenka after she was released from the hospital.

“I was warming up in the gym prior to my match against Gisela Dulko when I fell while running a sprint. I fell forward and hit my arm and head.”

“I was checked by the medial team before I went on court, and they were courtside for monitoring.”

“I felt worse as the match went on, having a headache and feeling dizzy. I also started having trouble seeing and felt weak before I fell. I was taken to the hospital for some medical tests and have been diagnosed with a mild concussion.”

New York temperature had reached 110 degrees on the court during Azarenka‘s match, but her collapse was not heat-related.

The 11th-ranked Belarusian had been a popular choice to make a deep run at Flushing Meadows.

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