US Movies Box Office Report: ‘The Hunger Games’ still leads, ‘American Reunion’ and ‘Titanic 3D’ follow

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The latest Hollywood movies box office report revealed that ‘The Hunger Games‘ still continues to lead, while ‘American Reunion‘ and James Cameron‘s ‘Titanic 3D‘ landed second and third, respectively.

Jennifer Lawrence in ‘The Hunger Games’
Image Credit: Murray Close/Liongates

As noted at on Sunday, April 8, 2012, Liongates‘ ‘The Hunger Games‘ continues to lead the box office for the third straight weekend and has now passed the $460-million mark worldwide, after its release on March 23.

According to the report, ‘The Hunger Games‘ has earned a total of $157.1 million internationally and $302.8 million domestically for the past 17 days since it was released, after after earning an estimated $33 million locally during the weekend.

The Hunger Games‘, a movie adaptation of the novel with the same name by Suzanne Collins which stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, among others, is now being dubbed as the biggest box office debut for a non-sequel film.

On the other hand, ‘American Reunion‘, which was released last Friday, April 6 in the US, placed second for Easter weekend domestically, reportedly made $21.5 million in the US and $19.3 million internationally, now with a total of $40.8 million worldwide.

Apparently, ‘American Reunion‘ is the fourth in the original ‘American Pie‘ movie series: ‘American Pie‘ (1999), ‘American Pie 2‘ (2001) and ‘American Wedding‘ (2003), with all of them distributed by Universal Pictures, and is now the highest grossing opening weekend internationally among the four movies.

Meanwhile, James Cameron‘s ‘Titanic 3D‘, marking the 100 years of the Titanic sinking, reportedly made $17.3M this weekend and reached $25.7M for its first 5 days in release, which costs $18 million to convert the 1997 hit movie to 3D.

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