US Midterm Election 2010 Predictions: Republicans may takeover House but Democrats to win the Senate

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As for the US Midterm Election 2010 to be held on Tuesday, predictions are telling that Republicans may takeover the House but Democrats are set to win the Senate.

The Americans are then set to provide seats for 435 House representatives and 37 senators nationwide.

These predictions were said to be based on unbiased surveys and nonpartisan organizations whose task is to provide information to public on what most likely the US midterm election results will be.

According to the October 28~31 Gallup survey from about 1,538 voters, 52% to 55% of them will mostly vote for a Republican candidate, while 40% to 42% will vote for a Democrat candidate.

With this, Republicans are being predicted to win more than 40 seats that will give them the majority of the House, the Gallup indicators predicted.

But on the Senate side, Democrats are being predicted to have control as the result might be 52 seats to 48 for Republicans or more or less 53-47, according to CookPolitical.

If the predictions will transpire, US legislation will now be divided in which President Obama has been enjoying the Democrat ruling since he was elected two years ago.

However, an easy passing of legislation for House Republicans may be blocked by senators if the Democrats will win the majority.

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