US Labor Day 2010: Government launches website to help Americans find a job

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Today, September 6, marked the celebration of US Labor Day 2010.

It is a day for most Americans to take a day-off from work. Well, that is, if they are lucky enough to have a job.

But unfortunately, almost 10 percent of Americans are jobless, which means they are not able to support themselves and their families.

As part of the effort of President Obama’s administration to help unemployed Americans, a new website was launched by their Department of Labor (DOL).

The site My Skills My Future, aims to provide tools for potential workers to find jobs.

Job searchers will then enter in their previous work experience, and the site will help them find a job that fits them.

There are also local job training seminars schedule posted to help applicants be qualified for the vacant jobs.

An instructional video is provided on the My Skills My Future homepage that explains how to use the database to search for employment opportunities and local job training seminars.

Meanwhile, below is video of the address speech of US Labor Secretary Hilda Solis this Labor Day 2010.

If you find problems in watching the above video, you can go directly to the US Department of Labor website.

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