US jobless claims drop by 6,000, as compared to last week

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Jobless claims in the US have dropped by 6,000 for a seasonally adjusted figure, as compared to last week’s data.

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As reported at US Labor Department’s official website on Thursday, June 2, 2011, jobless claims were reduced to 422,000 from 428,000 for the week which ended on May 28.

Interestingly, Wall Street Journal reported that Dow Jones Newswires economists predicted that the jobless claims would fall by 4,000.

Apparently, the 4-week moving average was 425,500, which is a decrease of 14,000 from last week’s revised average of 439,500, according to the report.

Meanwhile, the adjusted insured unemployment rate for the week ending on May 21 remains the same for 3.0 percent.

For the week ending May 21, the advance number for seasonally adjusted insured unemployment showed a decrease of 1,000, from the previous week’s revised level of 3,712,000 to 3,711,000.

The 4-week moving average was 3,737,750, a decrease of 10,000 from the preceding week’s revised average of 3,747,750.

On the other hand, the advance number of actual initial claims under state programs, unadjusted, had a total of 377,421 in the week ending May 28, which is a 1,701 increase from the earlier week.

Nevertheless, the total number of Americans who claimed benefits in all programs for the week ending May 14 was 7,682,830, which resulted to a decline of 56,742 from the previous week.

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