US Government Shutdown Seen as White House Rejects One-Week GOP Term?

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US Government
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The US government is heading for a shutdown unless an agreement would occur on budget slashes for the operation of the US Federal Government. According to US news sites, April 5, 2011, US House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner and his team had offered a $12 billion cut for another week of operations, but a question remains whether the White House has officially rejected the budget.

Further reports said that the previous 1995 US government shutdown has yielded drastic results. The shutdown has caused serious economic repercussions as government workers were told to stay home temporarily.

President Obama and the White House are not keen on repeating the same mistakes, unless it is extremely necessary. If Congress cannot pass a reliable and feasible funding plan for the fiscal year though, there is no other option for the White House but to concur to a government shutdown.

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