US Government Shutdown 2011: Workers and Companies Affected

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The looming US government shutdown this 2011 has understandably caused several federal workers worried about their future. What companies and federal workers are affected? What about military pay? This has been a hot issue in US and international news around the world in the past days of April 2011.

Not all states will be affected in a federal government shutdown. Washington DC would be one of those most affected because close to 350,000 federal employees reside there. The debate over budgets for Planned Parenthood between the Republicans and Democrats, and the little knots are still being discussed as the nation tethers in yet another brink of economic regression.

House Speaker John Boehner, Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader and President Obama has not yet arrived to any agreement, as deadline, until Friday midnight, looms nearer.

How would people know if they are essential or non-essential? Based on their assigned tasks, if the task involves something that could be done by others, then the person is non-essential. If the task needs only the expertise of the person concerned, then he is an essential employee.

A “question and answer” sheet is provided by the government to help companies determine this. As expected supply companies for government products and federal employees are affected with a federal shutdown. Here are some of these.

NASA – This big government branch is planning to operate with essential employees only in case of a shutdown.

Military – The military will still continue to work but would be receiving either a delayed salary or a partial military pay.

Washington Monument, National service and Forest Parks, operated by federal employees will be closed.

Federal employees could still work voluntarily but they may be paid or unpaid after the shutdown based on available national funds.

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