US First Lady Michelle Obama plane aborts landing at Andrews Air Force Base to avoid collision with another plane

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The plane carrying US First Lady Michelle Obama aborted landing on Monday to avoid collision with another plane after a supposed mistake of an air traffic controller.

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According to US news sites on Tuesday, April 19, 2011, Michelle Obama was on board a C-40 Boeing 737, an Air National Guard jet, which is about to land at the Andrews Air Force Base on Monday when it aborted its landing.

Apparently, Obama’s plane aborted its landing after it got too close to a 200-ton military C-17 cargo jet, and the cause was said to be an error by an air traffic controller.

Reports said that the US First Lady just came from an appearance at ABC’s “The View” and the near-miss incident happened as the plane carrying Mrs. Obama was on its final approach.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is now investigating the case but an official familiar to the case told reports that the two planes were three miles apart which should be five miles apart.

To avoid collision, FAA said that the plane carrying the US First Lady was ordered to go ‘around’ as the air traffic controller who was supposed to maintain the gap between the two planes was believed to have committed a mistake.

Meanwhile, the White House said Michelle Obama was not in danger and FAA confirmed that no person was injured and no property was damaged.

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