US Files Lawsuit against BP and Eight other Companies for Mexican Gulf Oil Spill

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The US government files a lawsuit against BP p.l.c. and eight other companies for the Mexican Gulf oil spill last April 20, which killed 11 workers and had caused massive pollution and destruction of the biota surrounding it.

Gulf of Mexico oil spill

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International reports on December 16,2010 stated that the lawsuit came as a big blow because BP was believed to be slowly recovering from the huge financial drawback that the spill from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig had caused.

In a nutshell, BP and the eight other firms were charged based on the US environmental laws stating that BP has failed to observe appropriate safety regulations and has not ensured that every measure was done, after the spill, to contain and minimize the damage. Eric Holder, US Attorney General said that they intend to prove that the companies were responsible for “environmental damages.”

In London, BP shares went down 2.5 per cent but economists say that the allegations have yet to be proven as BP top guns believe they have done all required procedures for the oil rig’s safe operation.

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