US fighter planes collide at Flying Legends Air Show 2011 in England (Video)

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Two classic US fighter planes collided during the Flying Legends Air Show 2011 on Sunday, July 10, 2011 in Cambridgeshire, England as shown in the video below.

Wreck of P-51 Mustang after it collided with a
Mustang plane during the Flying Legends Air Show

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According to British news sites on Monday, the mid-air plane collision involved a P-51 Mustang and a Skyraider during the air display show near Duxford, but no one was hurt.

As noted on reports, the wings of the two vintage fighter planes touched each other in mid-air while a third plane was nearby and was witnessed by the air show spectators.

Apparently, the pilot of the P-51 Mustang immediately ejected from the plane via his parachute and landed safely as the plane crashed into the ground; while the Skyraider had a safe landing.

“Three aircrafts form a triangle and then they peel off to the left one after the other.” Mark Brown, a pilot from Warminster who was among the witnesses, told reports.

“The Sky Raider lost a large chunk of its wing tip which fell to the ground.” He added, noting that there was no smoke or flare-up when the incident happened.

Meanwhile, the Imperial War Museum Duxford, which hosted the event, have confirmed the reports on its official website and noted that Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) already started its formal inquiry regarding the incident.

US fighter planes collision at Flying Legends Air Show
Video Credit: MrJonlar/YouTube

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