US Elections 2010 Update: Republicans to go against Obama’s Agenda

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The results of the 2010 US Mid-Term Elections did not favor President Barack Obama and his Democratic party. This time, he faces a new challenge after the elections. According to a BBC News, Republican John Boehner, former majority leader, was quoted that Americans had voted for “limited government”, and vowed to go against President Obama‘s healthcare program that they considered “monstrosity”.

The Republicans took control of the House of Representatives with 239 seats against the Democrats‘ 184 seats due to American‘s growing discontentment over the Obama Administration.

The Democrats won the Senate with 51 seats against the Republicans 46. This however does not assure the majority for the Democrats.

Mr Boehner, is expected to be the next House Speaker which is formerly handled by Democrat Nancy Pelosi. According to Rep. Boehner, Americans rejected the agenda of President Obama and its ally, former House Speaker Pelosi.

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