US Election 2012: Romney Is Confident Of Winning Over Barack Obama

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Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney speaks at a campaign event
Image Credit: Tony Dejak/AP

The US Presidential Election has been under way for weeks and millions have already cast their votes before the polls opened early morning on Tuesday, November 6. Latest election polls showed an exceedingly tight race between President Barack Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney. However, Romney is happy and confident that he would win over Obama, according to reports on that same day.

Reports said that in Pittsburgh International Airport, some 1,000 supporters have waited and lined up on a three-story parking garage where they screamed and waved when Romney’s campaign plane landed. Romney waved back at the crowd, gave a thumbs up and at one point put his hand over his heart.

“Well, that’s when you know you’re going to win.” The GOP nominee was quoted saying in a report.

Meanwhile, Romney’s senior strategist, Stuart Stevens said that “they feel really good”.

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