US-Egypt proposal: President Mubarak to resign now, Vice President Omar Suleiman to take over

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Read Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak ‘may resign soon’, to transfer power to Vice-President Omar Suleiman

The Obama administration is now reportedly having talks with Egypt, apparently proposing President Hosni Mubarak to resign now and for Vice President Omar Suleiman to take over with the support of the Egyptian military.

Egypt President Hosni Mubarak
and Vice President Omar Suleiman

Photo credit: AP / Getty Images

According to international news sites on Friday, the US government started to have a dialogue with Egypt since yesterday and a proposal of President Mubarak’s resignation is under way, in which Vice President Omar Suleiman will replace him to a transitional government, under the military forces.

The proposal was said to have been prompted by the recent ABC interview with President Mubarak announcing that he wanted to resign now, but he cannot since he fears that Egypt will sink deeper into chaos. The 82-year old president noted that he will not participate in the election this September.

However, the Thursday encounter in Tahrir Square, in Cairo between the protesters and pro-Mubarak turned out to be bloody, in which the Egyptian president blamed the Muslim Brotherhood group for the violence; while reports said that protests will still continue and may even be elevated.

Meanwhile, US Vice President Joe Biden was said to have spoken with Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman on Thursday about the proposal of the resignation of Mubarak.

President Mubarak appointed Omar Suleiman as his vice president, the first on his 30-year rule in Egypt. He also appointed new cabinet members, replacing the ones who resigned when protests are uprising.

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