US Astronaut Drew Feustel Had Eye Discomfort While Fixing Cables With Mike Fincke At NASA Space Station

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Mike Fincke
Image Credit: NASA

Andrew Feustel, NASA spacewalking astronaut,  almost retreated back to the International Space Station when he encountered discomfort on his eye during the third spacewalk together with Andrew Feustel on Wednesday, May 25, 2011, according to several international news sites.

Based on the reports, the incident occured during the five-hour mark of the spacewalk. Feustel and Fincke had already completed running the power cables from US side of the orbiting house to the Russian area.

“Just as an FYI, my right eye is stinging like crazy right now. It’s watering a lot. Must have gotten ‘something’ in it”, Feustel informed his partner.

Several minutes after Feustel reported the discomfort, he assured everyone his eye was feeling better and the third spacewalk of shuttle Endeavour‘s final voyage will continue as planned.

Meanwhile, reports mentioned that the two astronauts turned cable installers to carry out their job. The new power lines they installed ultimately tap into the space station’s US solar wings that provide a power backup to the Russian systems.

They also hooked up a grapple fixture for the space station’s robot arm and put it on a Russian compartment launched in 1998. The wiring up of antennas were also completed, which was a not finished during the first spacewalk, reports said.

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