US Army father dressed as umpire suprises teen son for reunion during Seattle Mariners game (Video)

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A US Army father named Steven Smerer dressed himself as an umpire and surprised his teen son for an expected reunion, as shown in the video below, during the ‘Opening Day’ baseball game of Seattle Mariners on Friday, April 13, 2012.

US Army Steven Smerer (dressed as
umpire), reuniting with 13-year old son Kyle

Image Credit: MLB video

According to a report at on Saturday, Kyle Smerer, 13, a noted fan of Seattle Mariners, was asked to participate in ‘Steal-A-Base’, a contest in which a kid runs from the outfield wall and swipes second base.

As seen in video, Kyle was introduced the field announcer as a big fan of the Mariners and a son of a US Army serving the country in Afghanistan, with him running towards in-field approaching the second base being cheered by the crowd; but was later stopped by the umpire, who happens to be his father.

As noted in the report, US Army First Sgt. Steve Smere has been in Afghanistan since December last year, and was schedule to return home in June but his request to make it earlier was granted and was even offered to surprise his son.

“I was really shocked to see him. I didn’t know he was going to be here. I’ll probably never forget this.” Kyle Smerer was quoted as saying after that touching reunion, whose mother Trina and his two other siblings Kayla and Colton waiting at the outfield gate.

“The anticipation has been a few days since I’ve been back and not been able to see them. Just coming back and seeing my family again, and them seeing me after such a long time in such a crazy place in such a crazy world [is great].” Steve Smere reportedly said.

“Just being able to see them again has been an amazing thing.” The US Army soldier added, who will be home another 11-12 days before heading back to Afghanistan.

US Army father surprises 13-year old son in a reunion
Video Credit: Shinehood/YouTube/

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