Unmanned Vessel: Snoopy Sloop Boat Seeks to Break World Record in TransAtlantic Trip (Video)

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An unmanned vessel, named Snoopy Sloop, will try to set a new world record in TransAtlantic trip. The $720 unmanned toy boat will try to successfully navigate a 6,000 mile sea when it starts sailing on Saturday, December 1, 2012.

Snoopy Sloop Unmanned Vessel
Unmanned vessel, Snoopy Sloop
Image Credit: GPS Guided Trans-Atlantic Robot Boat

Reports say that British man, Robin Lovelock, is aiming to be the first individual to be able to guide an unmanned vessel across the Atlantic Ocean.

Lovelock, who previously worked as a scientist for NATO, reportedly wants to prove that his robot sailing boat from Team-Joker can do the feat and complete the Microtransat Challenge that began in 2010.

A report by the Telegraph said that Snoopy Sloop is about four feet long, weighs 30 pounds and parts are held together bathroom light cord.

The wind-powered watercraft was assembled from parts bought online by Lovelock for about $720. It uses a solar-powered GPS and computerized navigation system to provide the direction of the vessel. A tracking device on the tiny boat provides an hourly location signal to Lovelock.

Snoopy Sloop: Unmanned vessel being tested before its transatlantic navigation on December 1, 2012.
Video Credit: RobinLovelock/YouTube

The navigation plan of the unmanned vessel indicates that it will pass through the south to the Azores, and trade winds will push it on to the Bahamas and near the Plymouth Rock. Travelling at about three miles per hour, the unmanned boat will be able to complete its navigation in six months.

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