University professor builds Ohio State football stadium replica using Lego (Photo)

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A replica of Ohio State football stadium which was build using the widely known Lego was featured on Saturday at the Columbus Dispatch, the same news agency that brought Ted Williams to fame.

According to Dispatch, a Lego lover named Paul Janssen used an estimated of 1 million pieces of Lego to build the Ohio football stadium replica, which measures about 8 feet by 6 feet wide, as shown in the photo below.

Janssen, a physiology and cell biology professor at Ohio State University, started building his masterpiece in May 2009, but the planning began in 2005.

Apparently, Lego is known to be most of them in rectangular shape while Ohio stadium is a horse-shoe shape, which makes its replica (scale: 1/100) more difficult to build.

The building is not square at all, so it was a big challenge.” Paul Janssen told the news. “But it’s so much more satisfying if you can accomplish something that’s hard.”

When Janssen started to plan the project, he studied the measurements of the stadium and satellite images, and also took photos of the press box and other details during football games.

The 42-year old Lego hobbyist was reported to have spent from $50,000 to $75,000, if he bought all the Lego toys needed for the Ohio State football stadium replica.

Interestingly, a lot of pieces were traded via, a Lego marketplace, while parts of chrome truck were used as pipes extending from the stadium bathrooms.

Ohio football stadium replica made up of Lego
Photo credit: Fred Squillante / Columbus Dispatch

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