Unique baby names 2012 list released; Admire, Burger, Goodluck, Google, Hippo, Sanity, and Vice included

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The list of the unique baby names given to babies born this year, 2012 has been released, along with the list of the top 100 baby names also for this year, with both lists notably containing some common names and even the most unlikely ones.

mother giving baby name joke

Mother giving baby name joke
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As noted at BabyCenter.com recently, which releases annual list of top and unusual baby names, this year’s data came from nearly half a million parents who shared their baby’s name with them, noting that each of the unique baby names in 2012 have been given to at least two children.

According to the report, the 2012 unusual baby names list for girls includes Ace, Admire, Burger, California, Couture, Deva, Excel, Inny, J’Adore, Jazzy, Juju, Jury, Krittika, Leeloo, Mclean, Sanity, Sesame, Thinn, Tigerlily, Orchid, Rogue, Samanda, Umni, Vanille, Vinique, Yoga, and Zealand.

For boys, the unique baby names list includes Aero, Alpha, Bond, Burger, Cobain, Donathan, Drifter, Espn, Exodus, Four, Goodluck, Google, Hippo, Hurricane, Jedi, Kix, Legacy, Mango, Navaryous, Neon, Pate, Popeye, Rysk, Savior, Thunder, Turbo, Vice, Xenon, and Zaniel.

Meanwhile, Baby Center noted that Sophia and Aiden led the list of the top 100 most popular names this year for girl, and boys, respectively, adding that both names have been on top of their list in some previous years of their annual survey. Some of the names in this year’s list have the same sound but different in spelling.

For the top 10 most common baby names this year, next to Sophia are Emma, Olivia, Isabella, Ava, Lily, Zoe, Chole, Mia, and Madison. For the boys, next to Aiden are Jackson, Ethan, Liam, Mason, Noah, Lucas, Jacob, Jayden, and Jack.

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