Underwater Forest: Cypress Forest in Gulf of Mexico Uncovered

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underwater forest

Underwater Forest sonar photo
Credit: Live Science

An underwater forest was recently discovered by scuba divers off the coast of Alabama. It was located 60 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.

Live Science reported that the “primeval underwater forest” is predominantly a Bald Cypress forest.

According to the report, the 50,000-year-old underwater forest was spotted deep beneath the “ocean sediments, protected in an oxygen-free environment” with untouched Cypress trees over 0.5 square mile area.

One of the divers, Ben Raines, explained that the underwater forest discovery may have been an aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Raines is the executive director of Weeks Bay Foundation, a non-profit organization that conducts estuaries research.

In an interview with Live Science, Raines said that “Swimming around amidst these stumps and logs, you just feel like you’re in this fairy world.”

Details of the underwater forest discovery is being featured in Live Science’s Our Amazing Planet.

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