Underground Harlem Shake dance video causes 15 Australian miners to lose their jobs (Video)

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A so-called underground Harlem Shake dance video, as shown in the video below, has caused 15 Australian miners to lose their high paying jobs. The miners, who were employed by Barminco, a mining company in Perth, were on the night shift job at the Agnew Gold Mine in Western Australia.

Underground Harlem Shake Australian miners

Australian miners, doing the underground Harlem Shake
Image Credit: YouTube screen grab

As noted at Western Australian on Saturday, March 2, 2013, eight underground miners danced the Harlem Shake last week and uploaded it at YouTube, which went viral. However, the company fired a total of 15 workers, including those who did not participate but were present when the video was made.

According to the report, Barminco sent a dismissal letter to the concerned underground miners, noting that the 30-second Harlem Shake video is a breach of its “core values of safety, integrity, and excellence,” and that the “dancing workers will not be subcontracted by Barminco at any site domestically and globally.”

Nevertheless, the company also cited that some of the dancing workers are not wearing protective equipment. On the other hand, one of the affected workers, who chose not to be identified, told the paper that those seen dancing shirtless in the video intentionally removed their shirts to hide and protect the identity of the company.

In addition, the said worker emphasized that the decision of the company to fire them is too heavy, and that the only purpose of the Harlem Shake dance video is to have fun. A Facebook page titled “Reinstate the sacked WA Harlem Shake Miners” was created on Saturday, to support the terminated dancing miners.

The Facebook page has now more than 460 Likes and is earning mixed reactions, as some of the commentators said they agree with the decision of the company, saying that an underground mine is not a safe place to have fun. Barminco has not issued a formal statement on this issue, as of this writing.

Underground Harlem Shake, by Australian miners
Video Credit: seano2101/YouTube

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