Unclaimed Money Worth $14,876.55 In West Virginia Handed Over To Its Rightful Owner (Video)

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Vickie Shaluta received about $15,000 of unclaimed money left by her mother, ABC News reported on Tuesday, June 14, 2011.

According to the report, Vickie‘s mom, Lenora Adkins died in July last year of Alzheimer‘s disease. She left behind dozens of handmade quilts and her secret recipe for making the “most amazing fudge.” Aside from that, Vickie thought her mom was penniless.

Vickie Shaluta Receives Her Check
Vickie Shaluta Receiving Her Check
Credit: ABC News Video Screen Capture

Vickie told Good Morning America that she was shocked when she got a call from the bank telling her that money had gone to unclaimed property because she did not know that it existed.

The report said that the money was lost since Lenora had Alzheimer‘s disease. Her bank had been bought out twice and all the account numbers had changed. However, Cammie McCormick, a Branch Banking and Trust Company (BB&T) banker found a Certificate of Deposit (CD) in Adkins‘ name, just “sitting there, growing.”

“Then Cammie turned into really a sleuth! She needed to do research,” Phyllis Arnold of BB&T reportedly said.

Vickie‘s paperworks reportedly went to the hands of Joann Tinsley, the claims manager for the West Virginia Treasurer’s Office. According to Tinsley, they make sure that everything matches before they hand over the money to anyone. After careful checking, the state of West Virginia gave Shaluta a check.

A check, with an amount of $14,876.55 was reportedly handed personally to Vickie by West Virginia Treasurer John Perdue.

“Thank you! Thank you!” Shaluta reportedly told Perdue after receiving the check. “It’s like a gift from mom. That’s exactly how I feel about it. It’s a gift,” she added.

The report said that West Virginia is one of the most aggresive and efficient states in reuniting people with their unclaimed money.

“It’s about helping West Virginians return their money. Their money! It’s not the state’s money,” Perdue was quoted saying.

Below is the video report from ABC News:

Vickie Shaluta Receives Her Check
Credit: ABC News

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