UK Prime Minister David Cameron Tightens Rules on Illegal Immigrants

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David Cameron
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UK Prime Minister David Cameron has tightened rules on illegal immigrants recently as international news sites reported, October 10, 2011.

Cameron, reportedly, called on UK citizens to report to authorities “suspected illegal immigrants.” He also plans to make forced marriages a criminal offence, require those who invite relatives to have sufficient cash, and that applying immigrants should be able to speak English, and answer questions about British history.

Additional data revealed that Cameron, 45, the youngest UK Prime Minister, said that he was a “modern compassionate conservative.”  He plans to work for the “common good.”

Reports also said, he had earned a 44%  approval rate against 50% disapproval rate in June 2011, conducted by YouGov poll, an international research firm.

Apparently, PM Cameron intended to implement these stricter rules on illegal immigrants, and tougher rules on visa procurement in all four UK countries; England, Wales, Northern Ireland. Scotland is already in the process.

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