UFO sighting during London Olympics opening ceremony captured on TV, reports say (Video)

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A so-called UFO was allegedly spotted during the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony on Friday, July 27, 2012, as shown in the video below, which was captured live on British TV coverage of the event, with some observers saying that it was not a blimp or a drone.

Alleged UFO sighting (below Sky News logo) during
London Olympics opening ceremony, seen on TV

Image Credit: MrScipher/YouTube/Sky News video

Apparently, the alleged UFO was believed to have been first noticed by YouTube user MrScipher, who said in his video description that he was watching the Olympics opening ceremony on Sky News, when he spotted something floating right after the end of the ceremony, under the Sky News logo.

The “Olympics UFO sighting“, which was also seen on BBC News and Telegraph UK videos, features a flying saucer object over the Olympic Stadium that appears to be flat and disc-shaped with a protrusion in the center; and seen during the height of the fireworks as being seen by millions all over the world.

Later, Goodyear Blimp, which was chosen to do the aerial coverage of the NBC Olympics ceremony, reportedly said that they turned off their running lights in order not to interfere with the lights, which caused the alleged UFO sighting; but Stephen Hannard of the Alien Disclosure Group UK (ADGUK) had a different observation.

ADGUK, a notably excellent source of amazing UFO videos and information, released an enhanced video of the same scene, and Hannard said on the video description that he is “confident the object captured during the Olympic opening ceremony is not a blimp or drone.”

“Unless more footage of the same object is produced confirming without a doubt that it is indeed a blimp/drone etc, then i am confirming this as a genuine UFO sighting.” Hannard wrote on the YouTube video description.

UFO sighting during London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony
Video Credit: MrScipher/YouTube/Sky News

Olympic UFO sighting not a blimp report
Video Credit: StephenHannardADGUK/YouTube

UFO sighting during London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony
Video Credit: c0nsp1racynutj0b/YouTube/Telegraph UK

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