UFO over historic barn seen by Santee Historical Society member (Video)

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UFO over historic barn

UFO over historic barn
Credit: Youtube Video grab/ABC 10

Is it a UFO or just an regular aircraft?

A UFO was reportedly seen over a historic barn by residents of Santee, California last May 7, 2013.

Ellen Henry, member of the San Diego County‘s Santee Historical Society (SHS), was able to take a photo of an object in the sky that is believed to be a UFO. She was taking pictures over the Edgemoor Barn when she unknowingly chanced upon the mysterious object. Henry told ABC TV that she “noticed a ‘speck’ on my LCD screen after I took the shot to check for clarity, and only realized it wasn’t a speck when I downloaded it on my computer.” She said that the object “was clear and certainly not a bug.”

Henry explained that she “was at the Edgemoor property, in the middle of the day, to take pics of the barn to update the SHS barn logo. I was constantly looking up and around the area, including the sky’s background, so I can get it just right, and not at anytime did I see anything in the sky or heard a sound of an aircraft.

While other people say that the image may be an aircraft, Henry countered that, “There is no way this was a commercial aircraft. I would have heard it, especially as low as it seemed to be. Someone did mention perhaps it was a drone. However, I have not seen any drones that were round or oval, and lacking wings, rudders or propellers — even the drone that looks like a fly has wings.

Watch the following video and judge it for yourself.

ABC 10 news report on sightings of a UFO over historic barn
Credit: TheLifebeyondearth on Youtube

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